Big Brown Recordings

27 Mar


Photo: Drew Martin

Photo: Drew Martin

We climbed a mountain to cross a river.

The woodpecker hammers, the lynx gambols and the trees waltz.  Morty perks his ears, curious.  The wonder is in the stillness, its Big magic, one of the mountains terrific tricks.  It’s a good ol’ get-a-way, 6000ft. up, skimming the clouds, a place where the new songs can gasp their first breath.  We all lean in to the summits voodoo attempting to draw closer to the beat, inviting the elevation to inspire and spin us into its high web.  Recording songs is a countdown and a risk, a joy and a gamble, especially when tracking live.  Intensity and levity share a cot, blood pumps, eyes signal, it’s a focus and fly.  The oil lamp barely chatters on the patio as the tunes inside the house leak through the walls decorating the dark pines.  Art is nothing more than the construction of an offering, the building of something intended to delight the senses of others.  We can’t wait to share with y’all soon that which only the trees have heard. 

We’re half way across the river.  Thank you to everyone, you are our paddles.

RW & Moonsville

Salamander Sessions Vol. 1

27 Jan

“We’re all itching for transcendence. For that Big and beyond. For the phone call, the particular pathway, the treasure train, the High day, the cigarette, the show, the nostalgia, the good Merlot, the embrace, the whatever kind of thing that makes you feel OK  and sometimes while scraping for that prime cut of meat we forget about that humongous vat of grace in the sky…tipping and pouring out over our geography, our lives, our California….. From here to Sunday to Memphis and further, we’re all kicking up dust and lobbing midnight darts.  There’s clowns and wolves out there and you don’t need either to rave about you.  Write hand-me-down songs, songs to lull the children to bed and electrify em’ in the morning, tunes that tickle the ribs and ballads that wet the eyes of the tough.  Just sit in a circle and learn each other’s songs , the ups and downs of em’, the sweet places to put a lick and the good spots to stay quiet… ”      -Champagne Charlie

 Tune in

Salamander Sessions Vol.1

14 Jan


Go check out what happened on the mountain

Rogue Pony

10 Oct


That chalk-white Shetland obviously tired of being sat on, paraded and photographed, lost it.
She spit out her bit and bucked her heavy saddle. She galloped behind the stage as the crowd rose to their feet. At first we thought ‘Wow, everyone really loves Moonsville’ but soon discovered that their dropped jaws and gasps were due to the rogue pony. We kept playing like the band on the Titanic and knew that at any point one of us could get back-sacked by that 300lbs. cracked out wanna-be stallion. The Country Club workers put themselves between the children and the beast hoping they could use their courage as leverage in future pay raise conversations. Everyone’s phones were raised and videoing. After several quick 10 yard dashes, the rogue pony stopped, spun and cranked its head vertically signalling surrender. Her mane swayed like a waved, white flag as she posed proud in the middle of the driving range. We finished our song as a calmness returned to the party. Everyone re-visited their meat and gravy and the rented, mechanical bull creaked on. The Shetland, already nicknamed “White Lightning”, was escorted off the grass and tied up to the metal fence which created the pen for the goat and pig petting zoo. She stood with her pony chin high knowing she reminded us all that even a short vacation feels good.

Amber Cross and Moonsville Collective

25 Mar

We are real thankful to know all the good folks up in the Central Coast. Check out Amber Cross

Observatory Snapshots

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21 Feb


Lincoln Shrine Snapshots

11 Feb



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OCMA Snapshots

30 Jan