Kazu & Hangar 24

21 Mar

About a month ago, we received some electronic mail from a gentleman by the name of Kazuhiro Terauchi. Kazu for short. He mentioned that he became a fan of our music through Drew’s photography website, and that he would be on US soil during the week that we we played at Hangar 24 Brewery. He politely went on to ask if we didn’t mind if he came to the show to photograph us, and the show being in Redlans, we offered to have him come with us for the whole day. The outcome was a glorious exchange of nonverbal gestures, half understood head nods, and warm smiles all around. 

I’ve never been one to declare how small of a world it is that we live in. To me, the world only seems small when looking at it in a book or on a map from the comfort of one’s own home or cubicle. Perhaps a sign of disatisfaction in world travel. When the boys and I get the chance to drive 4 hours in any direction, I am constantly bewildered by how expansive and wide open our own state is, much less the union at large and beyond that, this planet. However, when Kazu from Japan (a place I’ve never been) drove to meet us, knowing nothing about our kind, got out of his car and in broken english said kindly, “Hi I’m Kazu. I know who you are”, the world felt small to me. Thus, I reckon the world, big or small as it may be, continues to teach me two things; that people are good, and that I know nothing. Thanks Kazu. Come back soon.

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