Hoot Hoot !

10 Nov

At the Hoot, we saw some folks that
shouted a howl at that big, mean moon &
shook the concrete with electric feet.
We saw some lovers dippin’ hips & twirlin’ like a Texas tornado.
We saw some strangers fillin’ red Dixie’s to the rim.
We saw you eat that chili bowl like a starved, back-alley critter.  You seriously looked crazy but we loved it.
We saw some modern day cowboys with real beards but no spurs, probably because they pulled in on a Camry.  The only thing they’re kickin’ is that lemon into 2nd.  It’s o.k. you still looked pretty good.
We saw tiny babies walkin’ on the dirt lot , big-eyed & curious.
We saw dogs everywhere, all types of breeds from greyhounds to labradors.  Did anyone see that one that looked like a mini-kangaroo?
We saw new friends draining their flask down to the final drip.
We saw you all and we love you all.